Specialties & Zones Of Service:

We are a traveling hair styling service to MANHATTAN for African hair braiding.

PLEASE NOTE we don’t take calls but we consult with you via TEXT messages. If you happen to book directly here on the calendar showing below without texting us first at 929 341 0476 to coordinate we will text you to confirm if we can and process your order. If not text us first and we will coordinate your appointment.

Time Of Service: Monday to Sunday 10am – 10pm for session and services.

Read our terms of services before booking HERE. Same day bookings may not be available unless there is cancellations or available spots, Sessions are supposed to be booked in advance so last minute booking is possible only if time and date happens to be miraculously available. Rush orders are not recommended and not ideal to avoid rush decisions or lack of options for the best outcome.


We are specialized in goddess locs, crochet braids, box braids, Senegalese twists, Crochet twists, regular human hair dreads extensions afro bulk extension, expensive cornrows and Weaves.

Prices of box braids are from $179 to $199 depending on size and length with synthetic hair included.

Prices of goddess locs are from $265 to $325 depending on size and length with synthetic hair included.

Prices of crochet with synthetic hair included is $165 to $215.

Prices of Senegalese twists are $165 to $205 depending on size and length with synthetic hair included.

Price of weave are from $105 to $175 depending on install for regular or athlete install ( for washing often).

Prices of  cornrows is for Manhattan only is from $65 to $135 for mix and match style with synthetic hair included.

Also note when we come to your hair session and finish the job we don’t come back to change it or retouch it as its not a substantial source of business for the time we take to travel back and forward. Minimum trip in Manhattan is $105 and $135 in Bronx and Brooklyn. Thank you for understanding and we are looking forward to doing your hair and making you look beautiful.

Minimum job session with travel time comes with a minimum price of $105 for NYC and $135 for the Bronx & Brooklyn.

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